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Jambmaths question: 

Without using tables evaluate ${{(343)}^{\tfrac{1}{2}}}\times {{(0.14)}^{-1}}\times {{(25)}^{-\tfrac{1}{2}}}$

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Jamb Maths Solution: 

$\begin{align}  & {{(343)}^{\tfrac{1}{2}}}\times {{(0.14)}^{-1}}\times {{(25)}^{-\tfrac{1}{2}}}={{({{7}^{3}})}^{\tfrac{1}{3}}}\times {{(\tfrac{14}{100})}^{-1}}\times \tfrac{1}{{{({{5}^{2}})}^{-\tfrac{1}{2}}}} \\ & =\times \tfrac{}{{{}^{2}}}\times \tfrac{1}{} \\ & =\frac{20}{2}=10 \end{align}$

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