Question 11


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Jambmaths question: 

Make n the subject of the formula if $w=\frac{v(2+cn)}{1-cn}$

Option A: 

$\tfrac{1}{c}\left( \tfrac{w-2v}{v+w} \right)$

Option B: 

$\tfrac{1}{c}\left( \tfrac{w-2v}{v-w} \right)$

Option C: 

$\tfrac{1}{c}\left( \tfrac{w+2v}{v-w} \right)$

Option D: 

$\tfrac{1}{c}\left( \tfrac{w+2v}{v+w} \right)$

Jamb Maths Solution: 

$\begin{align}  & w=\frac{v(2+cn)}{1-cn} \\ & \text{Mulitply both sides by (}1-cn\text{)} \\ & w(1-cn)=v(2+cn) \\ & w-wcn=2v+cvn \\ & w-2v=cvn+cwn \\ & w-2v=n(cv+cw) \\ & n=\frac{w-2v}{cv+cw}=\frac{w-2v}{c(v+w)}=\frac{1}{c}\left( \frac{w-2v}{v+w} \right) \\\end{align}$

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