Question 21


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Jambmaths question: 

The pie chart above the distribution of the crops harvested from a farmland in al year. If 3000 tonnes of millet is harvested, what amount of beans is harvested?

Option A: 

6000 tonnes

Option B: 

1500 tonnes 

Option C: 

1200 tonnes

Option D: 

9000 tonnes

Jamb Maths Solution: 

$\begin{align}  & \text{The angle taken by beans in the pie chart is} \\ & {{360}^{o}}-({{90}^{o}}+{{60}^{o}}+{{150}^{o}})={{60}^{o}} \\ & \text{If 3000 tonnes millet takes 15}{{\text{0}}^{o}} \\ & \text{then the 6}{{\text{0}}^{o}}\text{by the beans will be }\frac{{{60}^{o}}}{{{150}^{o}}}\times 3000\text{ =1200} \\\end{align}$

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