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The sum of the first term of an arithmetic progression is 252, if the first term is –16 and the last term is 72. Find the number of terms in the series.

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$\begin{align}  & {{S}_{n}}=252 \\ & a=-16 \\ & {{T}_{n}}=l=72 \\ & {{S}_{n}}=\tfrac{n}{2}\left[ a+l \right] \\ & 252=\tfrac{n}{2}\left[ -16+72 \right] \\ & 252=\tfrac{n}{2}\left[ 56 \right] \\ & 252=28n \\ & n=9 \end{align}$

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A condition that communicate as far as past qualities is known as a repeat bond, and these are extremely cooperative for figuring the terms of the bargain well ordered. In any case on the off chance that we were just inspired by the 100th term of the chain, we would need to ascertain all terms up to 100. It would be drastically less demanding on the off chance that we had a situation that reveals to us any term of the chain, without ascertain all the past ones.