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The pie chart above show the expenditure of a family whose income sN30,000, if the expenditure on food is twice that on housing and that school fee is twice that on transport, how much the family spends on food?

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Jamb Maths Solution: 

Amount spent on school $\frac{{{90}^{o}}}{360}\times 30,000=N7,500$

Amount spent on transport = ½ (Amount spent on schools fee) = ½ (N7,500) = N3,750

Let the amount spent on housing be x

The amount spend on food will be 2x

Total amount =x + 2x + 3750 + 7500=30000

 3x+11,250 =30,000

 3x = 18750

 x = 6250

The amount spent on food = 2(N6,250)= N12,500

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