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Jambmaths question: 

A father decided to give 20% of his monthly income to his three children as their monthly allowance. The eldest child got 45% of the allowance and the youngest got 25%. How much was the father’s monthly income, if the second child got N3000.

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Jamb Maths Solution: 

Let the father salary be x

20% of x = 0.20x

The eldest child got 45% of 0.20x

That is  $\tfrac{45}{100}\times 0.20x=0.09x$

The youngest child got 25% of 0.20x

That is $\tfrac{25}{100}\times 0.20x=0.05x$

The third child share will be $0.20x-(0.09+0.05x)=0.06x$

If 0.06x represent N3000. Then


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