Question 29


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waecmaths question: 

Which of these statement about $y=8\sqrt{m}$ is correct?

Option A: 

$\log y=\log 8\times \log \sqrt{m}$

Option B: 

$\log y=3\log 2\times \tfrac{1}{2}\log m$

Option C: 

$\log y=3\log 2-\tfrac{1}{2}\log m$

Option D: 

$\log y=3\log 2+\tfrac{1}{2}\log m$

waecmaths solution: 

$\begin{align}  & y=8\sqrt{m} \\ & \text{Take the log of both sides} \\ & \log y=\log 8\sqrt{m} \\ & \log y=\log 8+\log \sqrt{m} \\ & \log y=\log {{2}^{3}}+\log {{m}^{\tfrac{1}{2}}} \\ & \log y=3\log 2+\tfrac{1}{2}\log m \\\end{align}$

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