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A farmer uses $\frac{2}{5}$of his land to grow cassava, $\frac{1}{3}$of the remainder for yam and the rest for maize. Find the part of the land used for maize

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Let  the total land be x

The farmer uses $\frac{2}{5}$of x for growing cassava which is $\frac{2}{5}x$

The remaining land will be $x-\frac{2}{5}x=\frac{3}{5}x$

He uses $\frac{1}{3}$of $\frac{3}{5}x$which is $\frac{1}{3}\times \frac{3}{5}x=\frac{3}{15}x$

The remainder will be $\frac{3}{5}x-\frac{3}{15}x=\frac{9x-3x}{15}=\frac{6x}{15}=\frac{2}{5}x$

The part used for maize is $\frac{2}{5}$

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