Question 4


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waecmaths question: 

Arrange the following numbers in descending order of magnitude 22three, 34five, 21six 

Option A: 

21six, 22three, 34five

Option B: 

21six, 34five, 22three,

Option C: 

22three, 34five, 21six

Option D: 

34five, 21six, 22three

waecmaths solution: 

$\begin{align}  & {{22}_{3}}=2\times {{3}^{1}}+2\times {{3}^{0}}=8 \\ & {{34}_{5}}=3\times {{5}^{1}}+4\times {{5}^{0}}=19 \\ & {{21}_{6}}=2\times {{6}^{1}}+1\times {{6}^{\circ }}=13 \\\end{align}$     In descending order, 34five, 21six, 22three Option D

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