Question 45


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waecmaths question: 

A shopkeeper allows a discount of 15% on the market price of a mobile phone. If a customer paid GH¢ 170.00 for a mobile phone. What was the marked price of the phone?

Option A: 

GH¢ 144.50

Option B: 

GH¢ 195.40

Option C: 

GH¢ 200.00

Option D: 

GH¢ 255.00

waecmaths solution: 

Let the actual price be x

15% of actual price $\frac{15}{100}x=0.15x$

The amount paid by the customer is x – 0.15x

Therefore x – 0.15x = GH¢170.00

0.85x =GH¢170.00

x = GH¢200

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