Question 47


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waecmaths question: 

The angles of a triangle are (x +10)o, (2x – 40)o and (3x – 90)o. Which of the following accurately described the triangle

Option A: 

It is a scalene triangle

Option B: 

It is a right angles isosceles triangle

Option C: 

It is an equilateral triangle

Option D: 

It is an isosceles triangle but not right angled

waecmaths solution: 

$\begin{align}  & {{(x+10)}^{\circ }}+{{(2x-40)}^{\circ }}+{{(3x-90)}^{\circ }}={{180}^{\circ }} \\ & {{(6x-120)}^{\circ }}={{180}^{\circ }} \\ & 6x=300 \\ & x=50 \\\end{align}$Substituting x = 50o into the values, show that the triangle is an equilateral triangle.

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