Question 8


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waecmaths question: 

Four oranges sell for Nx  and three mangoes sell for Ny. Olu brought 24 oranges and 12 mangoes. How much did he pay in terms of x and y

Option A: 

N(4x + 6y)

Option B: 

N (6x +4y)

Option C: 

N(24x +12y)

Option D: 

N(12x +24y)

waecmaths solution: 

$\begin{align} & 4\text{ oranges cost }Nx \\ & \text{24 oranges will cost }\frac{Nx}{4}\times 24=N6x \\ & \text{3 mangoes cost }Ny \\ & \text{12 mangoes will cost }\frac{Ny}{3}\times 12=N4y \\ & \text{The amount paid is }N(6x+4y) \\ \end{align}$

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