Circles and Circles theorems


Question 29

$\begin{align}  & \text{A chord of a circle suntends an angle of 12}{{\text{0}}^{\circ }}\text{ at the centre of a circle of diameter }4\sqrt{3}cm\text{. } \\ & \text{Calculate the area of the major sector} \\ & \text{(A) }4\pi \text{  (B) }8\pi \text{  (C) }16\pi \text{  }(D)\text{ }32\pi  \\\end{align}$

Question 28

$\begin{align}  & \text{Find the length of a chord which subtends an angle of 9}{{\text{0}}^{\text{o}}}\text{ at the centre of a } \\ & \text{circle whose radius is 8cm} \\ & \text{(A)  }4cm\text{  (B) }8cm\text{  }(C)\text{  }8\sqrt{2}cm\text{  (D) }8\sqrt{3}\text{ cm} \\\end{align}$