Maths Question
Question 42

Three teacher shared a packet of chalk. The first teacher got $\frac{2}{5}$of the chalk  and the second teacher received $\frac{2}{15}$of the remainder. What fraction did the third teacher received ?

Question 43

If $6{{\log }_{x}}2-3{{\log }_{x}}3=3{{\log }_{5}}0.2$, find x

Question 44

Find P , if 4516P7 =3056

Question 45

In a class of 40 students,each student offers at least one of physics and chemistry. If the number of students that offers physics is 3 times the number that offer both subject and the number that offer chemistry is twice the number that offer physics. Find the number of students that offers physics only

Question 46

Given that $\sqrt[3]{{{4}^{2x}}}=16$ find the value of x

Question 47

Evaluate $\frac{\tfrac{1}{10}\times \tfrac{2}{3}+\tfrac{1}{4}}{\tfrac{1}{2}\div \tfrac{3}{5}-\tfrac{1}{4}}$

Question 48

The shaded region in the venn diagram above is

Question 49

Simplify $\frac{1}{\sqrt{3}+2}$

Question 50

A farmer planted 5000 grains of maize and harvested 5000cobs, each bearing 500 grains. What is the ratio of the number of grains sowed to the number harvested?

Question 3

The  radius of circular disc is increasing at the rate of 0.5cm/sec. At what rate is the area of the disc increasing when its radius is 6cm