Maths Question
Question 41

Convert 22324 to a number in base six

Question 42

Calculate the logarithm to base 9 of ${{3}^{-4}}\times {{9}^{2}}\times {{(81)}^{-1}}$

Question 43

Find the tax on th income of N20,000. IF no tax is paid on the first N10,000 and tax is paid N50 in N1000 on the next N5000 and at N55 in N1000 on the remainder.

Question 44

Simplify ${{(25)}^{-\tfrac{1}{3}}}\times {{(27)}^{\tfrac{1}{3}}}+{{(121)}^{-\tfrac{1}{4}}}\times {{(625)}^{-\tfrac{1}{4}}}$

Question 45

Compute  1100112 + 111112

Question 46

If $E\subseteq G\subseteq U,$where U is the universal set, then the shaded venn diagram representing UE or Ec

Question 47

Simplify $\left( \tfrac{7}{9}-\tfrac{2}{3} \right)\div \left( \tfrac{1}{3}+\tfrac{2}{5}\div \tfrac{4}{5} \right)$

Question 48

In a small village of 500 people, 350 speak the local language, while 200 speak Pidgin English. What is the percentage of the population speak both.

Question 49

If $(k{{2}_{6}})\times 6={{3}_{5}}{{(k4)}_{5}}$ what is the value of k

Question 50

Rationalize $\frac{2}{6-5\sqrt{3}}$