Maths Question
Question 41

A brought a car for N500,000 and was able to sell it for N350,000, what was his percentage loss?

Question 42

If ${{\log }_{10}}(x-3)+{{\log }_{10}}(x-2)=lo{{g}_{10}}(2{{x}^{2}}-8)$, find the value of x

Question 43

Simplify $\frac{0.00625\times {{10}^{-4}}}{0.0025\times {{10}^{-6}}}$

Question 44

Two fair dice are thrown at once. What is the probability of getting same face

Question 45

Given that

M = {x : x is prime and $7\le x\le 13$}and

R = {y: y is a multiple of 3 and $6<y\le 15$}, find $M\cup R$

Question 46

In how many ways can 7 directors sit round a table?

Question 47

Find the midpoint of  S(–5,4) and T(–3, –2)

Question 48

A card is picked at random from a pack of 52 well shuffled playing cards. Find the probability of NOT picking a red cards in the pack. If there are 13 red card in the pack

Question 49

From the diagram above, find x

Question 50

If $\frac{{{4}^{x+3}}}{{{16}^{2x-3}}}=1$ find x

Question 1

How many sides has regular polygon having one of its interior angles as 150o

Question 2

Solve the inequality $\tfrac{1}{2}x+\tfrac{1}{3}>\tfrac{1}{3}x+1$

Question 3

Given: U = {Even numbers between 0 and 30}

P = {Multiples of 6 between 0 and 30}

Q = {Multiples of 4 between 0 and 30}

Find ${{(P\cup Q)}^{c}}$