Distance,Speed and acceleration


Question 40

waecmaths question: 

The rate of consumption of petrol  by a vehicle varies directly as the square of the distance covered. If 4 litres of petrol is consumed on a distance of 15km, how far would the vehicle go on 9 litres of petrol

Question 16

waecmaths question: 

The diameter of a bicycle wheel is 42cm. If the wheel makes 16 completes revolutions, what will be the total distance covered by the wheels (Take$\pi =\tfrac{22}{7}$)

Question 32

waecmaths question: 

How many times, correct to the nearest whole number, will a man run around a circular track of diameter 100 m to cover a distance of 1000m

Question 6

waecmaths question: 

A car uses one litre of petrol for every 14km. If one litre of petrol cost N63.00, how far can the car go with N900.00 worth of petrol?