Title waecmaths question
Question 11

In the diagram PQUV, PQTU, QRTU and QRST are parallelograms. $\left| UV \right|=4.8cm$ and the perpendicular distance between PR and VS is 5cm. Calculate the area of quadrilateral PRSV 

Question 32

A conical water–jug is 7cm in diameter and 6cm deep. Find the volume of water it can hold [Take $\pi =\tfrac{22}{7}$ ]

Question 33

In the diagram, the two circles have a common a centre O, if the area of the larger circle is 100π and that of the smaller circle is 49 π. Find x 

Question 40

The diagram shows an arc MN of a circle centre O, with radius 10cm, If $\angle MON={{72}^{\circ }}$ Calculate the length of the arc, correct to three significant figures. [Take $\pi =\tfrac{22}{7}$]

Question 41

The wheel of a tractor has diameter 1.4m, what distance does it cover in 100complete revolution? [Take $\pi =\tfrac{22}{7}$]

Question 45

A rectangular carpet 2.6m long and 2.4 wide covers 5% of rectangular floor. Calculate the area of the floor.

Question 13

The volume of a cone of height 3cm is $38\tfrac{1}{2}$cm2. Find the radius of its base [Take $\pi =\tfrac{22}{7}$]

Question 14

A sector of a circle with radius 6cm subtends an angle of 60o at the centre. Calculate its perimeter in terms of π

Question 15

The dimensions of a rectangular tanks are 2m by 7m by 11m. If its volume is equal to that of a cylindrical tanks of height 4cm. Calculate the base radius of the cylindrical tank [Take $\pi =\tfrac{22}{7}$]

Question 36

The area of a rhombus is 110cm2. If the diagonal are 20cm and (2x +1)cm long. Find the value of x

Question 45

In the diagram, the shaded part is a carpet laid in a room with dimensions 3.5m by 2.2m leaving a margin of 0.5m round it. Find the area of the margin

Question 20

What is the diameter of a circle of area 77cm2 (take $\pi =\tfrac{22}{7}$ ) 

Question 27

The figure shows a quadrilateral PQRS having equal sizes and opposites sides parallel. The diagonal PR  and OS intersected perpendicularly at O, which of the following statements cannot be correct

Question 29

What is the total surface area of a closed cylinder of height 10cm and diameter 7cm (Take $\pi =\tfrac{22}{7}$)

Question 39

The total surface area of the walls of a room, 7m long, 5m wide and xm high is 96m2. Find the value of x

Question 47

A rectangular packet has inner dimension 16cm by 12cm by 6cm. How many cubes of sugar of sides 2cm can be nearly packed into the pack