Title waecmaths question
Question 8

Four oranges sell for Nx  and three mangoes sell for Ny. Olu brought 24 oranges and 12 mangoes. How much did he pay in terms of x and y

Question 3

In 1995, enrollments of two schools X and Y were 1,050 and 1,190 respectively. Find the ratio of the enrolment of X to Y

Question 8

N140.00 is shared between Abu, Kayode  and Uche. Abu has twice as much as kayoed and Kayode as twice as much as Uche. What is kayode’s share?

Question 37

If the ratio  x : y = 3 : 5 and y : z = 4 : 7, find the ratio x: y : z

Question 36

A seller allows 20% discount for cash payment on a marked price of his goods. What is the ratio of the cash payment to the marked price