Title waecmaths question
Question 41

A box contains black, white and red identical balls. The probability of picking a black ball at random from the box is $\tfrac{3}{10}$  and the probability of picking a white ball at random is $\tfrac{2}{5}$. If there are 30 balls in the box, how many of them are red?

Question 42

The pie shows that the distribution of 4320 students who graduated from foru Department in a university.

How many students from the Science?

Question 43

If a student is picked at random from the four Departments, what is the probability that he is not from the Education Department

Question 44

Simplify $\tfrac{1}{2}\sqrt{32}-\sqrt{18}+\sqrt{2}$

Question 45

From the diagram, which of the following statements is/are correct?

I. XQ is a radius of a centre Q

II. $\left| XQ \right|=\left| QY \right|$

III. $\left| QX \right|=\left| XY \right|$

Question 46

Find the value of x in the diagram

Question 47

The angles of a triangle are (x +10)o, (2x – 40)o and (3x – 90)o. Which of the following accurately described the triangle

Question 48

Which shaded region in the following diagram represents$(P\cup Q)\cap R$?

Question 49

Simplify ${{(x-3y)}^{2}}-{{(x+3y)}^{2}}$

Question 50

Find the quadratic equation whose roots are – ½ and 3