Title waecmaths question
Question 41

The diagram is a et of a right rectangular pyramid. Calculate the total surface area.

Question 42

The diagram shows a rectangular cardboard from which a semi – circle is cut off. Calculate the area of the remaining part

Question 43

The subtraction below is in base seven. Find the missing number

Question 44

In the diagram , O is the centre of the circle. Find the value of x

Question 45

If the sum of the roots of the equation $(x-p)(2x+1)=0$ is 1. find the value of p

Question 46

In the diagram $\angle WOX={{60}^{\circ }}$, $\angle YOE={{50}^{\circ }}$and $\angle OXY={{30}^{\circ }}$what is the bearing of X from Y

Question 47

In an athletics competition, the probability that an athlete wins a 100 m race is $\tfrac{1}{8}$ and the probability that he wins in high jump is $\tfrac{1}{4}$. What is the probability that he wins only one of the events

Question 48

If ${{x}^{2}}+kx+\tfrac{16}{9}$ is a perfect square. Find the value of x

Question 49

If $x\text{ }km{{h}^{-1}}=y\text{ }m{{s}^{-1}}$ then y =

Question 50

The mean of the number 2, 5, 2x and 7 is less or equal to 5. Find the range of values of x