Title waecmaths question
Question 43

In a quiz competition, a student answers n question correctly and was given D(n + 50) for each question correctly answered. If he gets D600.00 altogether. How many question did he answer correctly?

Question 44

The venn diagram show the number of students in a class who like reading(R), dancing (D) and swimming (S). How many students like dancing and swimming?

Question 45

A shopkeeper allows a discount of 15% on the market price of a mobile phone. If a customer paid GH¢ 170.00 for a mobile phone. What was the marked price of the phone?

Question 46

If ${{27}^{x}}={{9}^{y}}$ find the value of $\tfrac{x}{y}$

Question 47

In the diagram$PQ\parallel TS,PR\parallel TU$ reflex angle QPS =245o, $\angle PST={{115}^{{}^\circ }},\angle STU={{65}^{{}^\circ }}$ and $\angle RPS=x$. Find the value of x

Question 48

Illustrated the inequality $-1<3x+5<14$ on a number line

Question 49

A boy looks through a window of a building and sees a man fruits on the ground 50 m away from the foot of the building. If the windows is  9m from the ground. Calculate, correct to the nearest degree, the angle of depression of the mango from windows

Question 50

If $E=\frac{MN}{S+N}$ and E =75, M = 120, N = 5000, find S