Title waecmaths question
Question 46

The probability of an event P happening is $\tfrac{1}{5}$ and that of event Q is $\tfrac{1}{4}$. If the event are independent, what is the probability that neither of them happens

Question 47

Each exterior angle of a polygon is 30o. Calculate the sum of the interior angles

Question 48

Find the number of terms in the Arithmetic Progression (A.P) 2, –9, –20, …. –141

Question 49

In what modulus is it true that 9 + 8 = 5

Question 50

The radii of the base of two cylindrical tins P and Q are r and 2r respectively. If the water level in P is 10cm high. What would be the height of the same quantity of water in Q

Question 17

A sector of a circle which subtends 172o at the centre of the circle has a perimeter of 600cm. Find, correct to the nearest cm, the radius of the circle [Take $\pi =\tfrac{22}{7}$]

Question 18

In diagram \[\left| QR \right|=10m,\text{ }\left| SR \right|=8m,\]\[\angle QPS={{30}^{\circ }},\angle QRP={{90}^{\circ }}\text{ and }\left| PS \right|=x\]find x