Title waecmaths question
Question 6

If $\sqrt{50}-k\sqrt{8}=\frac{2}{\sqrt{2}}$ find k

Question 6

Simplify: $\sqrt{12}(\sqrt{48}-\sqrt{3})$

Question 2

Simplify $\frac{3\sqrt{5}\times 4\sqrt{6}}{2\sqrt{2}\times 3\sqrt{3}}$

Question 32

If $\sqrt{72}+\sqrt{32}-3\sqrt{18}=x\sqrt{8}$ find the value of x

Question 20

Simplify $2\sqrt{3}-\frac{6}{\sqrt{3}}+\frac{3}{\sqrt{27}}$

Question 3

Simplify $\left( \frac{10\sqrt{3}}{\sqrt{5}}-\sqrt{15} \right)$ 

Question 6

Express the square root of 0.000144 in the standard form

Question 44

Simplify $\tfrac{1}{2}\sqrt{32}-\sqrt{18}+\sqrt{2}$

Question 5

Simplify $3\sqrt{45}-12\sqrt{5}+16\sqrt{20}$ leaving your answer in surd form

Question 49

Simplify $\frac{20}{5\sqrt{28}-2\sqrt{63}}$

Question 32

If $\frac{\sqrt{2}+\sqrt{3}}{\sqrt{3}}$is simplified as $m+n\sqrt{6}$, find the value of (m + n)

Question 2

Simplify $\frac{5}{\sqrt{3}}-\frac{3}{\sqrt{2}}$