Title waecmaths question
Question 21

In the figure shown, PQS is a straight line. What is the value of $\angle PRQ$

Question 22

In the diagram, $PQ\parallel RS,\text{ }QU\parallel PT\text{ and }\angle PSR={{42}^{{}^\circ }}$. Find the angle x

Question 23

The angle of a quadrilateral are ${{(x+10)}^{o}},2{{y}^{o}},{{90}^{o}}\text{ and (100}-y{{)}^{o}}$. Find y in term of x

Question 24

In the figure  $\left| PX \right|=\left| XQ \right|,\text{ }\left| PQ \right|\parallel \left| YZ \right|$ and $XY\parallel QR$>What is the ratio of the area of XYZQ to $\Delta YZR$ ?

Question 45

In the diagram $\angle QPR={{60}^{\circ }},\text{ }\angle PQR={{50}^{\circ }},\text{ }QRS=2{{x}^{\circ }},\text{ }\angle SRP=3{{x}^{\circ }},\text{ }\angle UQP={{y}^{\circ }}$ and $RS\parallel TU$calculate y

Question 19

From the diagram, find the value of x

Question 20

Find the value of x in the diagram

Question 21

Each interior angle of a regular polygon is 162o. How many sides has the polygon?

Question 22

From the diagram, find the value of x

Question 25

In a $\Delta PQR,\text{ }\angle PQR=\angle PRQ={{45}^{\circ }}$ which of the following statement is correct?

I. $\triangle PQR$is an equilateral triangle

II. $\triangle PQR$ is an isosceles triangle

III. $\triangle PQR$ is a right angled triangle

Question 49

In the diagram, $\left| XR \right|=4cm$, $\left| RZ \right|=12cm,\left| SR \right|=n,\text{ }\left| YZ \right|=m$ and $\overline{SR}\parallel \overline{YZ}$. Find m in terms of n

Question 15

In the diagram  find xo + yo

Question 35

In the diagram, PQR is a straight line, QRST  is a parallelogram$\angle TPQ={{72}^{\circ }}$ and $\angle RST={{126}^{\circ }}$. What type of triangle is ΔPQT

Question 43

In the diagram, what is x+ y in term of z ?

Question 44

The value of three angles at a point are 3y - 45o, y + 25o and yo. Find the value of y

Question 46

In the diagram $\left| XY \right|=12cm,\left| XZ \right|=9cm,\left| ZN \right|=3cm$ and $\left| ZY \right|=$ calculate $\left| MY \right|$ 

Question 18

In the diagram, $PQ\parallel RT$, $QR\parallel SU$, $\angle PQR={{48}^{\circ }}$AND find the value of x

Question 30

In the diagram, $UW\parallel YZ$, $\left| WX \right|=6cm$, $\left| XY \right|=16cm$, and $\left| ZX \right|=12cm$. Calculate $\left| VX \right|$

Question 33

In the diagram, $\overline{OT}$and $\overline{PR}$ are straight lines $\angle ROS=(3n-{{20}^{\circ }}),$$\angle POT=2m$, $\angle SOT=n$$\angle POL=m$ and $\angle QOL$is a right angle. Find the value of n

Question 46

Two angles of a pentagon are in the ratio 2:3. The others are 60o each. Calculate the smaller of the two angles

Question 50

In the diagram $\overline{OX}$ bisects $\angle YXZ$ and $\overline{OZ}$bisects $\angle YZX$If $\angle XYZ={{68}^{\circ }}$, Calculate the value of $\angle XOZ$

Question 9

In the diagram $KL\parallel MN,\angle NMP={{30}^{\circ }}$ and $\angle NMP={{45}^{\circ }}$ find the size of the reflex $\angle KPM$

Question 16

In the diagram, PQ and MN are straight lines. Find the value of x

Question 17

In the diagram, PQRS is a parallelogram and $\angle QRT={{30}^{\circ }}$. Find x .


Question 19

The lengths of the adjacent sides of a right-angled triangle are xcm, (x – 1)cm. If the length of the hypotenuse is $\sqrt{13}cm$ find the value of x

Question 37

A regular polygon has 9 sides. What is the size of one of the its exterior angles?