Title waecmaths question
Question 32

Find the values of k in the equation $6{{k}^{2}}=5k+6$

Question 34

The graph of the relation $y={{x}^{2}}+2x-k$ passes through the points (2,0). Find the value of k

Question 45

Given that $P={{x}^{2}}+4x+2,\text{ }Q=2x-1\text{ and }Q-P=2$ find x

Question 16

Form the equation whose roots are \[x=\tfrac{1}{2}\text{ and }-\tfrac{2}{3}\]

Question 39

Find the smaller value of x that satisfies the equation ${{x}^{2}}+7x+10=0$

Question 45

If the sum of the roots of the equation $(x-p)(2x+1)=0$ is 1. find the value of p

Question 48

If ${{x}^{2}}+kx+\tfrac{16}{9}$ is a perfect square. Find the value of x

Question 10

The roots of a quadratic equation are$\tfrac{4}{3}$and $-\tfrac{3}{7}$. Find the equation. 

Question 11

Find the value of y for which the expression $\frac{{{y}^{2}}-9y+18}{{{y}^{2}}+4y-21}$is undefined.

Question 37

If c and k are roots of $6-x-{{x}^{2}}=0$, find c + k

Question 50

Find the quadratic equation whose roots are – ½ and 3

Question 41

Which of the following is a factor of $2-x-{{x}^{2}}$ 

Question 20

What must be added to ${{x}^{2}}-3x$ to make it a perfect square?

Question 9

Find the equation whose roots are ¾ and –4

Question 11

Adding 42 to a given positive number gives the same result as squaring the number. Find the number.  

Question 12

Ada draws a graph of $y={{x}^{2}}-x-2$and $y=2x-1$on the same axes. Which of the these equations is she solving 

Question 5

Find the equation whose roots are 2 and $-3\tfrac{1}{2}$

Question 13

Expand $(2x-3y)(x-5y)$

Question 26

Given that one of the roots of the equation $2{{x}^{2}}+(k+2)x+k=0$ is 2. Find the value of k

Question 44

For what value of y is the expression $\frac{6y-1}{{{y}^{2}}-y-6}$ not defined?