Question 47

waecmaths question: 

A rectangular packet has inner dimension 16cm by 12cm by 6cm. How many cubes of sugar of sides 2cm can be nearly packed into the pack

Question 45

waecmaths question: 

XOY is a sector of a circle centre O of radius 3.5cm which subtends an angle of 144o at the centre. Calculate, in terms of the π, the area of the sector.

Question 43

waecmaths question: 

The angle of elevation of the top of a cliff  15metres is 60o. How far is the landmark from the foot of the cliff. Leave your answer in surd form

Question 42

waecmaths question: 

In the diagram PQRS is a circle, $\left| PT \right|=\left| QT \right|$ and $\angle QPT={{70}^{\circ }}$. What is the size of $\angle PRS$