Question 18

waecmaths question: 

In diagram \[\left| QR \right|=10m,\text{ }\left| SR \right|=8m,\]\[\angle QPS={{30}^{\circ }},\angle QRP={{90}^{\circ }}\text{ and }\left| PS \right|=x\]find x

Question 17

waecmaths question: 

A sector of a circle which subtends 172o at the centre of the circle has a perimeter of 600cm. Find, correct to the nearest cm, the radius of the circle [Take $\pi =\tfrac{22}{7}$]

Question 50

waecmaths question: 

The radii of the base of two cylindrical tins P and Q are r and 2r respectively. If the water level in P is 10cm high. What would be the height of the same quantity of water in Q

Question 46

waecmaths question: 

The probability of an event P happening is $\tfrac{1}{5}$ and that of event Q is $\tfrac{1}{4}$. If the event are independent, what is the probability that neither of them happens

Question 44

waecmaths question: 

In the diagram,  O is the centre of the circle $\overline{PR}$is a tangent to the circle at Q and $\angle SOQ={{86}^{\circ }}$Calculate the value of $\angle SQR$



Question 43

waecmaths question: 

If a number is selected at random from each of the sets P = {1, 2, 3} and Q ={2, 3, 5}. Find the probability that the sum of the number is prime